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Scotiabank Mortgage Life Insurance

Scotiabank conducts its life insurance operations through ScotiaLife Financial, a multi-faceted life and property insurer. Using its considerable size as a leading Canadian bank, Scotiabank offers an array of life and health insurance products for homeowners and families.

Mortgage Insurance products offered by Scotiabank include:

ScotiaLife® Term Insurance – Available in a 1 year term up to $1 million, or 10, 20, and 100 terms up to $250,000. This policy is renewable up to the age of 75.

ScotiaLife® Critical Illness Insurance – Insure yourself for between $25,000 and $100,000 against the risk of heart attack, cancer, or stroke. This lump sum provides significant income protection while you recover from illness.

At Mortgage Insurance Group, we specialize in providing Canadians with Mortgage Life Insurance solutions that are easy to apply for and require no medical exams. Our streamlined process allows you to purchase a plan right from the comfort of home with no waiting periods. Get your free, no obligation quote today and discover your options!

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