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Privacy Policy

We thank you for visiting and using Our privacy policy informs you how we collect and store information submitted to and used by this website. We request that you read and familiarize yourself with this policy before using any service on this website. By using and its associated services, it’s presumed that you agree with all the provisions contained within this policy. As the stipulations of this policy may change over time, we encourage you to read and review this privacy policy every time you use this site in order to be informed of changed we may make in regards to how we handle personal information.

Collection of Information

We collect personally identifiable information such as name, mailing address, email address, age, gender, etc. when voluntarily submitted by our visitors. The information you provide is used to fulfill your specific request as described on the website. This information may also be used to improve and optimize the performance of our digital marketing advertising.

Unless permission is expressly given by you to use this information in another manner, we use this information solely in this defined mean.

If you wish to opt out of further contact with us, our agents, or third party affiliates, please inform these parties during initial contact.

Company Identifier

This website is being operated by a nationwide Canadian insurance brokerage - Insurance Supermarket Inc.

Cookie/Tracking Technology may use cookie and tracking technology, which allows for better functionality of certain features of this website. Cookie and tracking technology are used in the process of gathering information about user systems, such as browser type and operating system. This technology also allows us to track the metrics and behaviors of visitors using this website. The nature of these technologies do not allow them to collect personally identifiable information themselves, however submitting information to this website may allow cookies to contain such data. Aggregate cookie and tracking technology that is in use on this site may be shared with third parties when appropriate.

Note that we use display advertising on this website. These displayed advertisements use remarketing technology via Google Analytics. Third party affiliates, including Google, display our advertisements on various other websites.

Google and ourselves use first-party cookies such as Google Analytics, as well as independent third-party cookie technology such as DoubleClick to optimize ads appearing for our website, as well as inform us on how they are used. You may opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customized Google Display Networks ads through the use of your Ads Preference Manager. You also may use the Google Analytics opt-out tool, a browser add-on that is available with most major web browsers.

Distribution of Information

In some circumstances, we may share information with government agencies or third-party companies for the purposes of aiding in the investigation of fraud, or in the prevention of fraudulent activities. We may do so: (1) when permitted or required by law; (2) when trying to protect or prevent real or potential fraud and unauthorized transactions; or (3) when investigating fraud that has already taken place. Information used in this way is not provided for marketing purposes by these entities.

In order to provide accurate service, we require that information which you provide us is relevant and accurate. We do not collect information from our users that is not willingly and consensually provided to us. This information may be passed on to qualified and licensed third parties including social network and search engines companies to:

  • Process your application;

  • Provide you with an up to date, efficient, and reliable service;

  • Provide insight into our target audience;

  • Create lookalike audiences based on your information;

  • Optimize the performance of our digital campaigns;

By submitting your data you implicitly agree to this use.

Commitment to Data Security

Your personally identifiable information will be kept secure at all times, and is only shared with employees or affiliates whom have been designated and authorized to access or process this information. Information is not shared with individuals or entities who are not authorized or entitled to this information.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be posted.

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