Equitable Life Mortgage Life Insurance

The banks policies are complicated and expensive, and in the end the money they take from you doesn't provide you with a simple policy. Are you tired of sitting through the banks confusing application process for Mortgage Life Insurance Plans? Equitable Life understand this struggle, and their term life insurance options provide you with easier application methods.

Equitable Term Life Insurance

  • Available in 10, 20 or 30 year terms;
  • 10 year terms premiums renewable every 10 years until age 85 and 20 year terms premiums renewable every 20 years until age 85;
  • Customizable plans with optional benefits: cover multiple lives, or add your children under your Term Life Plan;
  • Most terms can be switched to permanent protection to cover long term needs.

At Mortgage Insurance Group, we specialize in providing Canadians with Mortgage Life Insurance solutions that are easy to apply for and require no medical exams. Our streamlined process allows you to purchase a plan right from the comfort of home with no waiting periods. Get your free, no obligation quote today and discover your options!