Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Home

Artwork for your home

When you have your own place, it is customary to want to decorate it and truly make it your own. Everything from furnishings to appliances can be seen as a reflection of your style and personality when decorating your home. But nothing is more personal than artwork, and nothing makes a more significant statement about who you are in your home than the types of artwork you hang in your space.

So you want to find the right artwork for your home, but you don’t know where to start? We can help you there. There are plenty of options available to you, and you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to get artwork for your home. Here are some tips to help get you started and find the artwork you want for your home. And don’t be afraid of investing a bit of time in it as it can add some value to your home, and you can still carry art, like your mortgage, from a place to another.

What are your instincts telling you?

Your walls are blank canvases that don’t need to apply to any rules or guidelines. Art is about self-expression, so you should find pieces that speak to you and where your passions lie. The colours and textures of the pieces you find do not have to fall in line with any style guides if you don’t want them to. They can be entirely outside of what is trending. Trust in what speaks to you and go with that feeling.

Do some research and explore different artwork for your home

Whether you go out to an art gallery to learn about emerging artists or new art forms or simply do an online search, you expose yourself to artwork and get a better understanding of what you may like. Speak to artists and see what inspired them to create their pieces and learn about their creative processes. By doing so, you may develop a new appreciation for forms of art you may not have thought of before. Exploration and research both go a long way to helping discover new artwork for your home.

Your available wall space

When it comes time to make some purchases, always be sure to consider your available wall space. It seems like an obvious tip, but many homeowners had gotten excited and purchased artwork before they knew where to put it or if they had room for the piece. If you have a large open wall available, you could go for larger pieces to fill the space or even a single statement piece. On the other hand, with smaller wall spaces, a gallery wall is very impactful and can open up a room or hallway.

Your framing and display options

Framing is rarely an afterthought with artwork, so you should devote some time to what frames you will use after you’ve purchased a piece of art. For example, if larger prints aren’t what you want or simply want to incorporate more pieces into your home, you place multiple smaller pieces inside a larger frame. This tactic will help emphasize the artwork, create an excellent focal point, and prevent a cluttered look on your wall. To help save more space or give your wall a unique look, stack your art vertically. This different layout will catch eyes, and you can use it to help create a story with your purchased artwork.

Complementing your rooms (if you want to)

Like we mentioned above, your home is your space, and you do not have to conform to any style guides or rules. But if you do want to add some uniformity, that is ok too! And if this is the case for you, it helps to see your rooms as very different spaces with different functions. For example, bedrooms are retreats, places of relaxation. In comparison, kitchens are places of gatherings and family time. You want to make sure the artwork matches the feeling you want to convey in each space.



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Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Home

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