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Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance offers temporary protection for large and immediate financial obligations. As the cheapest form of life insurance available on the market, it can be adapted to cover the length of your term, with coverage options being able to match the home's value as well as for other financial needs.

Coverage remains level through the term, and you may extend your policy with a renewal, or convert it to a permanent plan without the need for a medical exam.

Who Can Benefit From Mortgage Life Insurance?

Mortgage life insurance plans can be adapted to a wide variety of circumstances. It provides reliable protection for new homeowners who want their home to remain in their family's hands. It is also useful for families with children, offering additional financial support when income replacement is needed.

When May Mortgage Life Insurance Be the Right Solution?

  • You need a low-cost, flexible solution for protecting your mortgage.

  • You have needs other than your mortgage that also require ongoing protection (i.e. young children).

  • You aren’t sure what your insurance needs will be in the far future.

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