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Critical Illness Insurance

Illness may strike at any time, and oftentimes treatment and recovery from illness may be costly, time-consuming, and prevent you from working. Critical illness insurance provides the insured with a lump-sum benefit following diagnosis of a covered illness.

Critical illness may be used for a variety of purposes, including acting as a replacement income during recovery from illness. This benefit can be used to help continue mortgage payments when the insured is unable to work.

Who Can Benefit from Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance can be affordable on almost any budget, and it can be offered alongside many mortgage life insurance policies. Critical illness insurance may be as important as any life insurance policy, as the costs of serious illness are substantial.

When May Critical Illness Insurance Be the Right Solution?

  • When your family would require financial support should you be diagnosed with a serious illness.

  • When the costs of specialized treatment would put a financial strain on your family.

  • Alongside the right life insurance policy.

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